30,000 Feet is My “Me Time”

My living conditions at 30,000 feet are way better than my normal life here on the ground.  I just don’t treat my body with any type of respect.  I’m an over active person, so every waking moment is dedicated to either working hard or playing hard, preventing me from doing things like… I don’t know… relaxing.  I have to be forced into an environment with no cell phone reception or easily accessible Internet in order for me to allow myself to have some “me time”.  A normal person finds peace in taking a bubble bath or reading a book on the beach, but I find my zen at 30,000 feet.  Here’s a few ways I spend my in-flight “me time”.

1.) I finally get to read those books I ordered from Amazon!


Kick up your feet and relax!

A pile of books remains untouched until it’s time for me to head over to the airport.  When I moved into my new place last September, I had dreams of sitting on my roof and reading books.  I took recommendations from everywhere — friends, the Internet, Oprah — and bought a whole library off of Amazon.  But then I gave myself no free time and I’m left with a reading list two times the size of my required reading from High School AP Literature.

Although I’m proud to say that so far this year I’ve been on 12 separate flights and have completed one book — Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and Other Concerns”.  I laughed, I cried, I related to it hardcore. I hope to grow up and be like Mindy.  Now moving on to Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”.

2.) I catch up on all the movies everyone’s been talking about

I feel so left out of the loop when my friends are all talking about this year’s top movies!  So when I’m on a long haul flight I am binge watching movies so that I can be a valuable asset to the bar banter, rather than the chick who everyone has to slowly explain the plot of the movie to.  What a drag when everyone wants to talk about spoilers and I haven’t even heard of the movie yet!

3.) I eat a balanced meal for once

This baby is living the life

This baby is living the life

When it comes to food I don’t think to plan ahead.  I go from zero to starving which results in me grabbing whatever is closest to me.  Last night at 12:30 it was a ham and cheese Hot Pocket left over from a 90’s party I had last weekend.  So when I’m 30,000 feet up I finally eat a hearty meal.

4.) I write in my journal

In fact, I wrote this post on a recent flight to Fort Worth, Texas!  Most of my article ideas come to me when I sit with my leather bound journal.  There’s something about putting the pen to the paper that helps me think and write with clarity.  Although sorry to the poor soul who, when I die a legend, has to read the hieroglyphs in order to publish my notebooks.  I have sloppy handwriting and I also don’t write in a linear fashion.  Many of my notes have arrows, bullet points and a numbering system that only I can decipher.

5.) I nap hard

I’m talking jaw dropping, mouth drooling nap attack.  On an average night I get no more than 6 hours of sleep.  Which is fine if it happens once in a while, but this is on a regular basis.  It is no where near the amount of sleep I need, so when I get on a flight I have been known to fall asleep immediately.  I have actually fallen asleep on the runway and woke up in the air — didn’t even feel take off!

6.) I sit still for once

My friends will tell you that I’m constantly on the go.  So it’s nice to be strapped in and relaxing for once.  It’s hilarious, though, that it takes an actual seat belt and confined space to force me to sit still and enjoy some “me time”.

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