Candice Walsh: A Broad Abroad

This week I take a hot second to interview one firecracker of a travel blogger, Candice Walsh of Candice Does the World.  She does not hold back in both writing and in travel.  Check out her hilarious tale in this unadulterated and straightforward interview.  Phew!  She does not hold back!

Name: Candice Walsh

Hometown: St. Alban’s, Newfoundland
Currently in: St. John’s, Newfoundland
Facebook: /
Twitter: @candicewalsh

Short Bio: Candice Walsh is a Contributing Editor at Matador and the Lead Writing Faculty at MatadorU. With a degree in English and Professional Writing, Candice is a regular contributor to,, and AOL Canada. Her writing has also been featured in various East Coast Canadian publications like SOAR, ahoy!, Marine Atlantic Onboard Magazine, and the Newfoundland Quarterly.

1.)   What inspired you to start traveling?

My earliest memory of wanderlust is from when I was a teenager – maybe 15 years old – and I came across a pamphlet from my Girl Guides troop. It featured a camp chalet in Switzerland, and I was ACHING to go. ACHING. Alas, my family didn’t have a whole lot of money, so the furthest I got was to the province’s capital, St. John’s (population 150k). Until I turned 21 and studied in England.

2.)   What is your favorite destination so far and why?

There are a handful of places that resonate with me, still: Scotland, for its greenness and Highlands; the Canadian Rockies, for their amazeballs-ness; Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, because never have I been so inspired in my life; Montreal for its total utter madness; Machu Picchu for that rooted-to-the-earth connection; and Prague, because the beer was cheap as HELL. I partied my face off.

3.)   Where you’ve had your favorite meal?

Outside of St. John’s (we seriously have some amazing restaurants here), my favourite meal was a steak dinner I had at La Reata Ranch in Saskatchewan. I don’t even EAT steak, but that was freaking delicious. (I was also pretty exhausted after a full day of horseback riding, so I would have eaten a small child, given the chance.)

4.)   What’s your favorite travel memory.

Not a favourite memory, but the story I tell most often: the time I got high from space cakes and threw up in the Anne Frank House. I am not a fan of THC, trust me, I had no idea what I was in for. Never again.

5.)   Share with us your favorite photo and a little bit of detail about the photo.

This photo is from a recent trip around Change Islands, Newfoundland. Newfoundland is a world unto itself…isolated, different, unchanged, removed. Those of us who grew up here understand its pull…and often I travel around the island to remind myself why I belong here. This was taken during my first trip to Change Islands, an even more remote island in Iceberg Alley. Felt like there was only me left in the world…just me and the ocean and the rocks and this huge giant island that makes no sense.

6.) What are some words you live by (quotes, your motto, a mantra)?

Do whatever the hell you want. Man, if I had a nickel for every time someone discouraged me from my current career path…well, I’d have ten dollars. But I see friends and family miserable with their lifestyles and somehow “incapable” of fixing it. Get the hell out of there. Stop taking life so seriously. YOLO.

Omg, did I really just say that?

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