I Finally Left the London Heathrow Airport

I’ve technically been to London six times… that’s if you count how many times I’ve flown through London Heathrow.  Honestly, before a couple months ago, I never set foot out of airport.  But during this last round to Europe, I actually left the airport for my first time!  I mean, there are plenty of fun activities in the London Heathrow Airport, but to leave and officially be in England was a rewarding experience.  There’s several convenient and inexpensive ways to leave the airport and explore, one of them being the Heathrow Express.  I was impressed with how nice public transportation was.  Unlike in Philadelphia, the train was very prompt, clean, quite and fast.  All things I would expect from a train!


I ventured out of London to a relaxing spa town called Tunbridge Wells.  There, I stayed at the Spa Inn which was situated amongst rolling hills and peaceful gardens.  It was a pleasant visit. I didn’t get to explore England too much.  I was only there on business and it was the late fall meaning the sun set way earlier than I was used to.  But here are a few quirky, charming things that I found unique about England during my short visit.

Sandwich Selection Platter1.) Tea Time with Triangle Sandwiches

Triangle sandwiches make tea time in England adorable!  Sandwich platters also offer a lot of variety to the table with crazy creations like cucumber sandwiches, salmon finger sandwiches and savory-sweet ham finger sandwiches.  I guess what I appreciate most is the creativity behind the recipes as well as the attention to detail when it comes to the presentation.  It brings a hint of tradition to the tea time ritual.

2.) Cute Gardens

Well groomed gardens are all over the place.  I enjoy that people tend to their yards.  They surely are a nice way to unwind.


From the gardens at The Spa Inn in Tunbridge Wells

3.) Driving on the Other Side of the Road

I’ll never get over that.  It almost feels like a roller coaster, sitting in what would be the driver’s seat in America and then speeding through the windy cobblestone streets.


So charming!  Nuff Said.


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