My Quick Fall Visit to Germany Part I

I can’t believe I never posted this!  Back in the fall, I had a business trip over to my company’s headquarters in London.  After a few days of meetings, eating triangle sandwiches and drinking tea, I hopped on a German Wings flight to Stuttgart, Germany, where one of my best friends in the world, Jan Kagel was living and working.  He had gotten a pretty decent internship with Bosch as a technical translator and, though he was enjoying his time in the south, was pining for the north and for familiar company.  The visit was short, but as we always do on our epic adventures, we fit a lot in.

By this point, I had already experienced Germany in the spring, winter and summer and quickly discovered that even though the seasons change, the weather stays pretty much the same; cold and damp.  I arrived pretty late on a Friday night, so we decided to get some sleep so that we could get up early and hit up Rothenburg ob der Tauber.  For being over 1,000 years old it is arguably the most well preserved medieval village in Germany.  The town is certainly a popular destination for tourists, but it’s not just because of the blast-from-the-past feel, some come for the all-year-around Christmas spirit.  Rothenburg ob der Tauber is the headquarters for Käthe Wohlfahrt, a famous store that sells authentic German decoration mostly for Christmas and home to a Christmas museum.

Though seeing the holiday decorations was fun, Rothenburg ob der Tauber offered a lot of stuff that I am particularly interested in.  I hope all of you know by now that I’m quite the history nerd, and even walking the entire span of the 14th century wall that surrounds the village was excitement enough!  We also got to see the Market Square, the Town Hall Tower, and the Medieval Crime and Punishment Museum (Kriminalmuseum).

A portion of the wall that surrounds the town

A portion of the wall that surrounds the town




Such a rainy day — Such a German day


Jumping as usual

Jumping as usual

Jan and I in the Market Square

Jan and I in the Market Square

There was plenty of delicious eats — which is a given if you’re in Southern Germany.  Plenty of wurst, sausages, brats and all the sauerkraut one would ever want to eat.  But one of the most over rated treats in Rotheburg ob der Tauber had to be the “Schneeball” or snow ball.  It was a clump of dried out dough with powdered sugar on top.  It was marketed as a very “Rothenburg ob der Tauber” thing to eat and a sweet pastry to enjoy at a cafe.  But what you would think to be a sweet and unique treat ended up being a tourist trap.  Buyer beware, it might be a baked good invented in the town, but it’s nothing to go home and tell mom about!  It’s just a bland, over baked pile of flavorless funnel cake.


A window of meat is a window of opportunity

A window of meat is a window of opportunity

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2 thoughts on “My Quick Fall Visit to Germany Part I

  1. Lauren Meshkin

    1,000 years old, Christmas decorations, 14th century wall walk.. I think you just described my European dream destination! While I was living in London last year I met a great group of Germans who I’ve been dying to visit. I must make them take me here! Loved reading this post. Awesome pictures!
    Lauren Meshkin recently posted..Photo of the week!

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