Reason to Have a Destination Wedding

Don’t let guest complaining about cost deter you from having a destination wedding.  SHIT SON!  This is YOUR DAY!  And here’s a really good reason to have a destination wedding — epic photobombs.

Sure, a destination wedding might be a way for some brides to have a magical experience in an exotic place with their closest loved ones.  But to me, a destination wedding opens up a world of possibilities of having a variety of uninvited guests ruin a small percentage of my photos — and I’m perfectly fine with that.  It captures a hilarious and real moment, which is what wedding photography is all about.

Today, Yahoo News posted a photo of one of the best wedding photobombs I’ve ever seen!  It’s a tiger caught staring at the newly weds.  It got me thinking about other great destination wedding photobombs I’ve seen floating around the internet.  Here’s a compilation of my favorites.

Tiger wedding photobomb


Horsing around

Horsing around

Didn't know dolphins could officiate a wedding

Didn’t know dolphins could officiate a wedding

russian wedding photobomb



Call of the wild

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