Someday, When I Get Over to Australia

Every traveler has a bucket list of where they want to travel and I have to say that over the past three years I’ve done a pretty decent job checking off destinations off of that extremely long list.  But one of the most sought after destinations in my book is Australia.  Not just because it’s literally on the other side of the globe for a Philadelphian such as myself, but because it is so different and beautiful!  I think the most challenging part will be the day long flight and loosing a day in the process.  Everything else like  hotel accommodations, finding delicious local eats and discovering wild activities seems easy enough – it’s Australia!  When I get around to that side of the globe, here’s a few things that I’d like to check out.

1.) Get Lost in The Night Sky

With a sky as beautiful as this one, everyone’s suddenly an astronomer!  Because of the lack of light pollution (something we deal with here in the northeast of the United States), more of the night sky becomes visible.  Many people travel to Australia just to check out comets and asteroids zip by and to get a clear view of other planets in our solar system.  Also, the fact that this particular portion of the world faces a bright part of the Milky Way makes for some bright starry nights.

National Geographic's 2011 2nd Place, "Beauty of the Night Sky" Category

National Geographic’s 2011 2nd Place, “Beauty of the Night Sky” Category

2.) Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

After exploring the night sky, I’d like to dive into the waters of Australia and check out the Great Barrier Reef.  The Great Barrier Reef is considered the world’s largest coral reef containing impressive coral cays and literally thousands of tiny islands.  It’s one of the world’s Seven Natural Wonders and is larger than the Great Wall of China.  It’s also home to many species of colorful fish and organism.  There are also plenty of tropical cities and harbor towns to visit.

Photo by Telegraph UK

Photo by Telegraph UK

3.) Outback Road Trip

And I’m not talking about the Subaru Outback (I had one – it was wonderful.  I miss it very much).  But yeah, take a 4WD out into the Outback into the wilderness.  One of the most popular trails is an unpaved road along the Gibb River Road in Western Australia.  It’s a 660 km track from Derby to Kununurra.  I want to embrace the open blue sky, the red terrain and possible a few epic waterfalls along the way.

Photo by

Photo by


Someday — perhaps someday soon.  Until then WHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!


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One thought on “Someday, When I Get Over to Australia

  1. Linda

    Visiting Australia is definitely on our short list, too. And we agree: Those three things are must-dos. For us the tops would be the Great Barrier Reef, as we’re divers.
    Dan wants to rent a car and drive all around the perimeter, too. Not too sure how long that would take …
    Linda recently posted..How to See Amsterdam in One Day

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