The Photos I Take to Upset My Mother

Let’s take a quick break from my 24 Hours in Paris series to celebrate Moms and how much they care about us.  As an only child, I don’t want to say that my Mom cares too much, but all of her maternal instincts are focused on me.  There’s no brother/sister to buffer the impact of her love and attention.

Needless to say, my adventurous free spirit drives her insane.  I like to live a life that makes her say “you’re going to drive me to an early grave”.  Just the other night, I proposed to her an upcoming itinerary and she just said “you like going places that add gray hairs to my head.”  I find her reactions to my wild nature entertaining and often purposefully do things to illicit responses.  Here’s some of my favorite ways I’ve messed with my mother in the past.

20140205_175402Here’s a classic from my recent trip to Europe.  My mother always demands that I give her a complete itinerary of where I’m going, where I’m staying, and even phone numbers of the friends I will be hanging out with.  If she had the ability to implant a tracking device under my skin, she would. But in this lovely letter, I encourage her to use her “unique set of skills” to track me down if I were to be kidnapped.

DSC_0842-1024x680Last year, I climbed to the top of City View Apartments in Philadelphia to get… well… a view of the city.  I was hired to take photos of luxury apartments in Philadelphia and this job consisted of me climbing skyscrapers to take photos of other skyscrapers.  This building in particular is one that you’re seriously not allowed to get on top of.  It’s 28 floors up with no railing or walls!  Here’s a photo a friend of mine took with his iPhone.  I immediately texted it to my mother.  But the view was totally worth it:

CityViewSelfies at the Stratosphere!  Took this one on top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas.  Another gem texted to my mother.

1461149_10151741607216078_514173525_nHere’s a great one I texted from Barcelona.  I climbed Muntanya Pelada and found a ledge to stand on.  I had Nicole snap a shot of me “falling off of a cliff” in Spain.

Falling off a cliff in Spain

Mother’s response was gold:

1620560_10151915925766078_183231769_nI kid because I care.  Love you MOM!


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3 thoughts on “The Photos I Take to Upset My Mother

  1. Alli

    Giving her Taken movies as a going away present is hilariously cruel. Those movies are worse than horror movies if you have a little daughter. Love the one falling off the cliff as well. Love a person with a sense of humor. One word of advise; check how your jokes are going down in places you travel. There are few nations in the world that are dry on humor. You may be seriously taken serious. If they are not going down well with the first couple of people you met in a new country you should stop joking around.
    Alli recently posted..Making Family Road Trips Safe and Enjoyable

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