Top Five Travel Gifts

You’d think that shopping for travelers during the holiday season would be easy.  But after obtaining every size suitcase known to man and owning a different neck pillow for every day of the week, the traditional travel gifts become over used and easily abused. But all is not lost!  There are plenty of cool travel inspired gifts out there for your favorite traveler.

The holidays are nigh, and if you’re like me, you’ve waited until the last few weeks before Christmas to really start scrambling to get Christmas gifts.  I know you’re reading this, Mom, and I’m sorry. But it’s totally true.  Anyway, I thought I’d take the time and give you a few gift ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  So if you have an avid traveler, adventurer, wanderer, or vagabond in your family, here’s a few gifts that I’m sure will pique their interest.

Vapur | The Anti-BottleVapur | The Anti-Bottle

Re-useable BPA free water bottles are still pretty awesome, but when you’re packing and trying to save space (especially if you’re backpacking), The Vapur Anti-Bottle is extremely useful and stylish!  Under the slogan “Live Flexible”, it’s easy to fold up and put into any suitcase or backpack.  They’re ultra-durable, freezable, dishwasher-safe and BPA-free… not to mention eco-friendly!  They also come in a variety of styles and colors.


Women's Trench from Scottevest


This company has a ton of really cool travel gear, hence their slogan “Scottevest: For the Trip of Your Life.”  But their coolest line of products has to be their jackets and vests which have tons of discrete pockets for everything you need to carry on a trip.  I really like these jackets because it’s a great way to protect your gear from pickpockets, which are extremely talented in some countries and tend to strike during peak season in touristy places.  But more importantly, you feel like a bad ass spy!

World Travel Map

World Travel Map

Many companies offer similar products, but I found this gem on Etsy!  For me, traveling feels like a game where I try to visit as many places as possible.  I collect postcards like a kid collects Pokemon cards – I seriously have to catch’em all.  But for real, there’s no better conversation starter in a traveler’s home than having a map of the world with pins of everywhere they’ve visited thus far.

Travel JournalTravel Journal with Old World Map Another great find on Etsy!  Every traveler should carry a notebook.  Whether they’re writing down train transfers, memos to self or pivotal, life changing thoughts and experiences, a notebook for a traveler is a must!  To be quite honest, my travel writing career would not have existed if it weren’t for a leather bound notebook my good friend, Natalia, gave to me at the beginning of my vagrancy three years ago.
Cocoon | Grid-it 

For the techie traveler who has more chords than stamps in her passport, the Cocoon Grid-It system will help keep her organized.  It’s a grid of elastic bands that will conform to any size and shape and grasp onto small objects.  So it’s perfect to keep your mac chord, your camera charger and all of your adapters as well as small electronics in one convenient spot without digging through your luggage and pulling out tangled up cables. We all know the rule of thumb, the chord you need is the chord that shimmied it’s way to the bottom of the bag, never to be seen until you get back home.

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