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Every time there’s a new social media site, people ask “how can it apply to my industry and support my brand”.  Naturally, some social networking websites have limitations depending on your audience and your product.  For instance, Foursquare is great for travelers but not so much for product companies like Cheez-its or Sketchers.  Same goes for when Pinterest blew up.  It’s great for artists to display their work and it’s okay for travelers, especially for the talented photographers out there, but it has its limits when it comes to niche markets.

So the same question goes for Vine.  We’ve already seen companies jump to Vine as a way to create 6 second commercials, but can Vine be effective for travel bloggers?  Can a travel blogger convey a message in 6 seconds or less?  I think it’s possible!  I think back on my travels and wish there was a faster way to share things like witnessing Humpback whales in Boston, Massachusetts or perhaps the chaos of New Years fireworks in Hamburg, Germany.  To let your audience see your experiences through your eyes instantly over Vine is a concept I can dig.

It’s amazing the creative things people are putting up on Vine!  Comedy skits, time lapsed videos, montages, stop motion videos, songs and more.  What’s more interesting to me is that these concepts can be completely understood, even though they are only 6 seconds.  Here are five travel related Vines I found on the web that I think were pretty successful and perhaps can help spark your creativity to start documenting your travels on Vine.

1.) Fried Noodles in Japan

Food’s not just about eating – it’s about the process!  Watching this video of fried noodles being made in Japan not only gives me a glimpse at the culture, but it makes me hungry!

2.) Creative Loop PICTURE IN A PICTURE! WOAH! picture in a picture 3.) Boating in Myanmar

4.) 360 Views

5.) Time Lapsed

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