Why I Love Edinburgh Scotland

I get this question all the time: “What’s your favorite place in the whole world?”  I have to admit, I’ve gotten around, but my answer always remains the same — Edinburgh, Scotland!  Edinburgh has the perfect balance of proper royalty and grungy underground.  It’s a city that has a rich heritage and history, but when it comes to fashion, they are on top of the up and coming trends.  I enjoyed my time very much in Edinburgh and plan on going back.  Why?  Well there are a ton of reasons!  Here’s just a few of the reasons why I’m itching to go back !

 Edinburgh from the castle-2

1.) The Funkiest Hostel in Town

Edinburgh has plenty of wonderful hotels so it is not hard to find accommodations in Edinburgh.  While I was visiting, I stayed at a really hip hostel called the Caledonian Backpackers.  The staff were really friendly and knew about all of the secret local spots, the common areas were really chill (Nintendo Wii AND SpongeBob marathons – say what) and free breakfast!

2.) Edinburgh is Legendary

I’m a huge history nerd.  So when it comes to learning the stories that make a city, I want in.  I took a New Europe tour with a bearded gentleman that sounded like a pirate and learned so many of Edinburgh’s legends.  Almost every corner is chocked full of tales of corpse snatchers, murderers and individuals surviving the Gallows.  On top of tales of living legends, some of those who have passed are believed to still be lurking through the streets, waltzing through Grey Friars Kirk, and terrorizing pub-goers.  That is why any visit to Edinburgh is not complete without taking a walking tour and/or a ghost tour.

3.) Pass the Haggis

The food is nothing to run home and tell mom about, but who goes to Scotland without trying Haggis?  Haggis is a surprisingly delicious potpourri of heinous animal parts.  The way it was described to me was that after the rich ate high off the hog, the middle class got the rump and the poor got the scraps, it was the poorest of the poor who got the everything left.  Haggis is actually very tasty.  It reminds me of the taste and consistency of a sausage, however it is a bit pepper which I presume is to mask the flavor of Haggis’ true ingredients.

View from J.K. Rowlings Window

View from J.K. Rowlings Window

4.) Home to Great Writers

Edinburgh has spawned some of the best writers, hands down.  Naturally, one of the most recent was J.K. Rowling who wrote the first two Harry Potter novels from the Elephant House Cafe by a window that overlooks Grey Friars Kirk and has a fantastic view of Edinburgh Castle, perched on a cliff over the city.  Clearly, the legends of Edinburgh, the picturesque alleyways and buildings along with Edinburgh’s colorful characters would encourage any writer to take the pen to the page.  I know it did for me.  And because Edinburgh is the home to fantastic writers, Edinburgh has the Writers Museum.

scotland 0395.) Storm the Castle

Edinburgh’s got palaces, castles and ruins all over the place!  On one end of the Royal Mile, the main street of Edinburgh, is the Edinburgh Castle while on the other end is Holyrood House, the palace that the royal family still uses to this day.  All along the way are old buildings, historic alleyways and other historic markers of Edinburgh.

6.) Take a Picture – It’ll Last Longer

You can’t walk a block without having to go “oh wait guys – this right here – this is a great picture” and then snapping a picture.  Being in Edinburgh just makes you feel like a professional photographer.

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